Our event’s success is measured by the satisfaction of our student body, and in order to ensure that every student gets to experience their best LDOC possible, safety remains our TOP priority. We’ve worked hard with university administrators to create policies that we feel reflect students’ best interests, so please review our event policies regarding alcohol, bags, wristbands, etc. before LDOC so that you can get preparations underway for your best LDOC ever!



  • Wristbands will be distributed on the BC PLAZA from 10am-6pm on Monday (4/22),  from 10am-6pm on Tuesday (4/23), and on the Main Quad from 9am-3:30pm on LDOC (Wednesday, 4/24).
  • After 3:30pm on LDOC, wristbands will no longer be available for pick-up and main quad access will be restricted to only those with wristbands.
  • LDOC entry is free and open to any current undergraduate or graduate Duke student who has picked up a wristband. Wristbands are limited to one per student per DukeCard.
  • Wristbands for spouses of current graduate students will be sold for $5 from the ticket office between 10am and 6pm on Monday (4/22) and Tuesday (4/23). Only spouses will be able to purchase these and only with a valid spouse ID.
  • Wristbands will not be distributed to non-Duke students.
  • Lost wristbands will not be replaced.


Duke Cards

  • Students are required to carry their DukeCards with them at all times and may be asked to present it to demonstrate they are a Duke student.



Consistent with standing University policy for registered BYOB events, the following guidelines will be enforced among those who choose to drink:

  • Alcohol that is unattended will be discarded
  • Students may not distribute alcohol or share alcohol with one another
  • Students may have a maximum of six 12 oz. cans on them at any given time, and must be personally in possession of the cans.
  • Alcohol other than beer is not permitted (no wine, hard alcohol, Joose/4Loko/other similar beverages, etc.); anyone seen with alcohol other than beer will be asked to pour out the contents
  • Glass containers are not permitted; cups, water bottles, or other containers must be under 24 oz.
  • No drinking games or other unsafe drinking behaviors will be permitted. This includes but is not limited to beer pong, shotgunning, funneling, etc.
  • Common source containers are not permitted.
  • Students making poor decisions or who appear intoxicated will be asked to pour out the contents, will be asked to leave the event, and disciplinary action may be taken.



  • No couches, futons, or university furniture will be allowed on the main quad on LDOC.
  • Benches will NOT be allowed on the main quad this year at any point throughout LDOC this year.
  • We encourage students to set up folding chairs, blankets, towels, etc. on the main quad throughout the event on the day of. All seating must be removed by 11:59pm on LDOC to allow for Maintenance to clean up after the event is over.



At 3:30pm, A-Team members will sweep the quad checking for people without wristbands, glass bottles, unsuitable bags, etc. The rules for bags are:

  • Small bags such as clutches and fanny packs are allowed–but no bigger
  • No large bags such as backpacks or large purses
  • In addition to one small bag, guests are allowed to carry one transparent bag (i.e. grocery bags or mesh bags) for larger items. This ensures that security and A-Team members can efficiently check bags and maintain the safety of the event.


Other Notes

  • We ask that groups do not congregate in residential quads, but instead we encourage people to enjoy the event as a community on the main quad.
  • For the safety of the students, residence halls will be on Quad Access Only, meaning your duke card will only let you into your own dormitory building.
  • As per Durham community standards, no amplified sound is allowed prior to 5pm.


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