Meet the Exec Board

Brian Buhr


Kristel Black

Vice President of Internal Affairs

Jimin Hu

Vice President of Graduate and Professional Student Affairs

Andrew Oliver

Chief Technology Officer

Adaiya Granberry

Chief Financial Officer

Dylan Posner

Chair, Campus Concerts

Shivani Purohit

Chair, DSB

Michelle Wong

Chair, Freewater Presentations

Caroline Levine

Co-Chair, LDOC

Catherine Oliver

Chair, Special Events

Anthony Melita

Chair, Small Town Records

Barbara Xiong

Co-Chair, VisArts

Zoe Tang

Executive Vice President

Morgan Bird

Vice President of External Affairs

Aarthi Kaviyarasu

Vice President of Administration

Edom Tilahun

Chief Marketing Officer

Zoe Abedon

Chair, Coffeehouse

Frank Thomas

Chair, Duke @ Nite

Ethan Cheung

Chair, Jazz@

Youlim Kim

Chair, Freewater Productions

Serena Rivera-Korver

Co-Chair, LDOC

Ahmad Chaudry

Chair, Speakers & Stage

Christina Shin

Co-Chair, VisArts

Caroline Waring

Chair, WXDU