Duke University Union

What is duu?

DUU is Duke’s institutional, student-led event, programming, arts and media body, and the schools largest student organization! Each year, DUU committees design and execute over 200 events and media, ranging from weekly Jazz@ the Mary Lou, to Duke Student Broadcasting videos in association with Duke Basketball, and even to the LDOC Concert. Our mission is simple: to provide diverse, community-based and creative programming and media that complements the social, educational, and professional aims of Duke University.

Letter from the President

Since 1954, Duke University Union has worked to provide Duke University Union with incredible opportunities for student life engagement. As we enter our 69th year as DUU, we continue to strive to achieve this vary same mission - and across our many committees and teams, we continue to innovate how we create diverse, community-based and creative programming and media that brings the Duke community together. This year, as we come out of years of pandemic isolation, we are more excited than ever to be forming community on campus - and can't wait to see you there!

2023-2024 Duke University Union President Jess Chen


Events Per Year

DUU organizes and hosts over 150 events at Duke every year.


Students Involved

DUU is Duke’s largest student organization, with 231+ students involved each year


Annual Attendance

Over 20,000 undergraduates and graduate students attend DUU events every year.

duu Committees

Duke University Union is made up of 17 individual committees, each with an important and unique role at Duke. Learn more about them here: