Campus Concerts plans Duke’s largest on campus concerts every year. If you want to help bring in some incredible artists and plan events like Old Duke, join us! Meetings: Sundays 8-9pm @ DUU Office.



Contact Caroline Levine at to learn more.


The Coffeehouse has been a Duke staple since 1981. Open from 6pm-2am every night of the school year, the Coffeehouse serves fresh coffee, tea, and snacks. Find the Coffeehouse tucked away at the back of the Crowell building on East Campus (behind Wilson Dorm and next to Epworth Dorm). The Coffeehouse puts on several shows each month as well as movie screenings, workshops, and dance parties.

Questions or want to get involved? Contact Wesley Caretto at


The Development Operations team is tasked with tracking attendance for all of DUU’s events and analyzing the attendance data to help maximize event attendance in the future. The DevOps team is also tasked with preforming maintenance of DUU’s website. Meetings are every Sunday at 3:30 P.M in the DUU office.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or would like to join the committee please email the current Chief Technology Officer, John McNeil, at


Downtown Duke aims to bring regular, fun programming to new Duke spaces, such as, The Devil’s Kraft House, The Plaza, and the newly renovated Penn Pavilion. From Karaoke and Trivia, to musicians and comedians, be on the look out for all of our events! The committee is open to all students and meets Thursdays at 8pm in the DUU office. We are always looking for new members and ideas, so bring your friends, your creativity, and your bold ideas! Meetings: Thursdays 8-9pm @ DUU Office

If you have any questions, suggestions, or would like to join the committee please email Downtown Duke’s Chair, Zoe Tang, at


Duke Student Broadcasting is Duke University’s student-run broadcasting network stationed in Durham, North Carolina. Prior to Fall 2010, Duke Student Broadcasting was known as “Cable 13″ but was rebranded in order to introduce an updated, interactive multimedia outlet to Duke University. The organization currently runs as an online multimedia broadcasting website.

Through its operations, Duke Student Broadcasting looks to provide Duke audiences with multimedia coverage of the Duke community, while providing education and experience in multimedia production to its various members. Additionally, the network looks to reach out to other student organizations and educational departments in order to highlight the interests and passions of Duke students, faculty, and staff.

Our organization provides opportunities for anyone with a passion for multimedia production, and we happily invite students with an interest in: photography, videography, broadcasting, television reporting, written journalism, web design, motion graphics, graphic design, or simply the desire to learn something new.

For more information contact Cara O’Malley at

Also check out these pages if you want to learn more:

Meetings: Mondays 6-7pm @ DUU Office


  Financial analysts provide guidance to their respective committees over the course of the fiscal year. They keep updated budget spreadsheets to help keep every committee on track. They also assess expenditures within their committee to ensure DUU is utilizing all of its funds and doing so effectively. Please email Kyle Zingler at if you have any questions.


  The First-YearInternship Program allows first-year students to gain unparalleled exposure and involvement as a part of the Duke University Union, the largest programming body at Duke. First-Year Interns (FIPs) work with fellow interns and DUU’s senior leaders to plan and carry out a large-scale event for the entire campus. Additionally, they take part in a leadership development program and mentorship program in which they are matched with a member of DUU’s executive board.


Freewater Presentations is an entirely student-staffed, student-run organization within the Duke University Union that screens quality films free to students and the public every Friday and Saturday inGriffith Film Theater, located on the second floor of the Bryan University Center. Showing everything from new releases and independent films to Disney classics and movie marathons, Freewater Presentation aims to create an authentic movie theater experience on campus as well as provide a space for film enthusiasts. Freewater Presentations also employs student projectionists and concession stand coordinators. If you’re interested in talking about movies, planning events, choosing the movie lineup for next year, or becoming a projectionist/coordinator, come to a meeting on Sundays at 4pm in the DUU Office (located in the lower level of the Bryan Center in the back of the UCAE office).

If you have any questions contact Juliana Zhang at​.                       

Meetings: Sundays 1-2pm @ DUU Office


Freewater Productions is Duke University’s student-run film and video production organization. Started in the 1970′s, Freewater combines the functions of an equipment co-op, crew and technical assistance network, grant funding source, and production house, with the goal of creating outstanding work by enabling students to create films to the highest quality standard. Films by Freewater Productions have been screened at the American Film Institute in Dallas, the Florida Film Festival, the Worldwide Short Festival in Toronto, and numerous other prestigious venues. To get involved, contact Stephen So at

For more information, visit
Or, to see some of Freewater Productions’ work, visit the Freewater Vimeo page:

Meetings: Thursdays 7-8pm @ DUU Office


Jazz@ is DUU’s weekly jazz programming committee. We plan weekly jazz gatherings on campus, as well as occasional larger events like the annual Night of Swing. If you’re interested in event planning, bringing in local musicians as well as Duke student musicians, or if you simply love Jazz, join us!

Contact Philip Moss at ​​

Meetings: Sundays 3-4pm @ DUU Office


The LDOC (Last Day of Classes) Festival started in 1997 and has quickly become one of the highlights of the school year and an integral part of Duke culture. While LDOC sponsors many daytime activities and student performances, the highlight of the day is the concert held in the evening featuring multiple popular artists.

If you have any questions email Andrew Oliver or Morgan Bird at, or​.                       


DUU’s marketing committee is responsible for branding, outreach, and social for the Union’s 13 committees and the brand as a whole.  The team is composed of graphic designers, cinematographers, photographers, and strategists.  If you are interested in joining reach out to Delmar Kaiser:


Speakers & Stage seeks to present high quality professional touring productions of drama, comedy, speakers, and musical entertainment. Last year’s shows included Laverne Cox, Bo Burnham, Issa Rae, and Jake & Amir. The committee is open to all students and meets at 8pm on Mondays in the DUU office. Events are usually open to the public with a pre-sale open to Duke students only. Some events are free and others charge a small fee. Check out the DUU blast for details on each event!

Meetings: Mondays 7-8pm @ DUU Office

If you have questions or would like to join the committee, please email Katy Wong at


Special Events is one of DUU’s newest committees!  We will be putting on a variety of large, campus-wide events with the intention of bringing the whole Duke community together.  This will see the committee taking on traditional events, such as Oktoberfest and Duke Royale, as well as looking to start new, innovative events and collaborations.  The committee is open to all students and will tentatively be meeting at 2pm on Sundays in the DUU Office (middle level Bryan Center in the UCAE).

If you have any questions or great ideas!, reach out to Kristen Siegel at  Meetings: Sundays 2-3pm @ DUU Office


Small Town Records is Duke University’s record label – students who share their passion for music. As a part of Duke University Union, we serve the student committee with concerts and freely distributed music. We are musicians, sound engineers, live technicians, musical consultants, graphic designers, producers, web designers, photographers, and above all else, all the fans who have helped us grow to where we are now. Our passion is to bring music to the Duke community and help everyone have a great time along the way, so please, get in touch and let us know how we’re doing! Meetings: Mondays 8-9pm @ DUU Office (GBM Sundays 7-8pm @ West Union 068)

Contact Sammy McLendon at Also, check out our website at


VisArts promotes creative expression and artistic innovation on campus. We curate and install exciting exhibitions in the Brown Gallery (conveniently located in the Bryan Center), stock the Hue Art Studios in the Arts Annex, and organize creative programming, such as monthly workshops with professional artists. If you are artistically inclined in any way, come join us! Meetings: Thursdays 5-6pm @ DUU Office

Contact Della Tao at and Joyce Er at


WXDU is Duke’s fm radio station~~ established in 1983~~ progressive programming, local shows, sick music~~ bangers, shredders, and spirals~~ tune the dial to 88.7 fm or stream live at 24/7.


Contact Zoe Abedon at to learn more.