Mary Kim

Mary Kim2022-02-03T20:11:26-05:00
What is one thing you’d like to do, learn, or try in 2021?2022-02-03T20:03:02-05:00

I really want to be able to do a pullup at some point this year.

What’s a project you’ve always wanted to make happen?2022-02-03T20:02:47-05:00

I want to complete painting projects that I have put aside. I also want to start journaling but can never commit because it feels very vulnerable. I also have thought about making videos for myself about my life and things that happen in order to look back at them.

How do you stay inspired? Do you have any favorite books, podcasts, artists, etc. that you’d recommend?2022-02-03T20:02:32-05:00

I believe that being inspired is very passive, and I can see inspiration in everyday things if I take a moment to look for them. I stay inspired by enjoying visual arts and media as well as looking at art, film, and listening to music. I am a big SZA, Giveon, and R&B fan, have watched Euphoria, Korean dramas with Mom, and Anime like Naruto as well as Demon Slayer.

How do you define success for yourself?2022-02-03T20:02:18-05:00

I would say I have been successful if I don’t feel exhausted, but feel happy. I want to reach a point where what I am doing in my career does not feel like work and does not pull all of my energy out of me. I want to do something because I truly love it.

How has adjusting to the challenges the pandemic has brought forth been like for you?2022-02-03T20:02:04-05:00

There has been a lot of uncertainty, and I have been afraid that things wouldn’t work out well. So, I have relied on others a lot more heavily. I have noticed that everything being virtual discourages people from being involved and showing up to meetings, but it has provided me with a window of opportunity to try new things other than video making.

How do you see DUU working with your interests outside of the Union?2022-02-03T20:01:49-05:00

It has helped me improve my abilities to think critically, problem solve, and engage with the Duke community in a non-academic way.

What inspired you to get involved?2022-02-03T20:01:34-05:00

I would consider myself to be a pretty creative person and I enjoy doing things outside of academic life at Duke. So, I wanted to be more involved with the community while engaging my creative side, which brought me to DUU and DSB.

What is your favorite part of the work that you do?2022-02-03T20:01:20-05:00

I have learned a lot! My favorite thing is being able to engage with so many people in the student body. I have also gotten close with other exec members and have enjoyed working with the DSB team and similar organizations in collaboration efforts.

Could you briefly share what you do for DUU?2022-02-03T20:01:05-05:00

I have been serving as the Duke Student Broadcasting Chair. As chair, I get to lead the organization in whatever direction I want to, and I specifically wanted to focus on fundamentals to get more internal organization and fix issues that have arisen with that. DSB has been having a rough time with COVID, so I have spent time restructuring and working on logistical things. We typically have been a media committee but because of COVID, have gotten into programming, including hosting an Adobe Premiere Workshop and Chapel Photo Booth.

What other clubs are you involved in outside of DUU?2022-02-03T20:00:51-05:00

I’ve dabbled in quite a few things, but spend my most time in Air Force ROTC and P-Wild, given I was both a participant and staffed it.

What are you studying here at Duke?2022-02-03T20:00:35-05:00

I am majoring in International Comparative Studies and Korean, possibly squeezing in a Visual Arts minor.

How did you end up at Duke, what led you here?2022-02-03T20:00:17-05:00

In the college application process, I was never set on a school. After I got in, the pull factors of community and opportunities made it the best decision for me.

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