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DUU VisArts is hosting an opening reception for Trish Klenow’s exhibition in the Brown Gallery: “Witness.”. . . . This collection of landscapes extends from my back door in Apex, NC, to Michigan, to Maine, Vermont, and to the mountains of North Carolina. All of them are special places; lucious places teeming with life, color, and usually water. It’s entitled Witness because I have been to all of them hiking and reflecting. Hopefully, my love of the natural world comes through. In this body of work the landscape is the focus, the main character. I wanted to capture the land untroubled and undisturbed. Sometimes after completing a piece the landscape settings have changed due to construction or natural disasters, painting landscapes preserves these places in time, it’s important to bear witness. — Event Details: https://dukegroups.com/rsvp?id=2084706