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DUU VisArts is hosting an opening reception for James Keul’s “Alla Villa.” There will be free food and amazing art!. . . . “Drawn together through a common thread of exploring nature, light,. . and space in a single sitting, or alla prima, this diverse collection of. . paintings represents the bedrock of my artistic practice. Doing. . quick studies from nature, whether in oil paint, as seen in this. . exhibit, or pen and ink, I constantly study form and how light and. . atmosphere affect the way we see and how that knowledge might. . inform my larger studio works. Staying connected to nature by. . expressing it through art is not only good for the soul but as an artist. . who’s work deals with the unsettling issue of climate change, I. . believe that it is critical to have that grounding. Pursuing a greater. . understanding of nature helps foster a greater appreciation of it. . and, therefore, a desire to protect it. But communing with nature, in. . kind, revitalizes and can restore one’s resilience, thus completing. . the circle.” — Event Details: https://dukegroups.com/rsvp?id=2250418