I think a full Arts Complex would be just stunning! We have the Arts Annex right now and there’s a couple of different additional spaces there. There’s a barn, I’d love to turn that into a sound lab or a woodworking station. I’d love to turn that laundry space in the Annex into a metalsmithing space. I think the goal is to just have enough art spaces on campus so that there’s a variety of options for students to experience. Also, to make sure that these spaces are low-level access, so you can come to an art class not knowing anything about art and we won’t have to turn you away because we’ll have enough space, supplies, and money. These are lofty goals but I think prioritizing art spaces in the way that we prioritize academic spaces is the change we need to make. We should also make it a regular practice to have Durham artists in those spaces so that students can learn from them. Because we can’t be in the middle of Durham and not acknowledge where we are and the history.

Students this year have proven that if you have an opportunity to do art, they will show up. Students love the art kits, they love doing painting on the lawn, they love doing the in-person art things. Let’s just give them art!