I looked back at my “Why Duke?” essay at the beginning of my senior year, and I had mentioned that I was interested in Economics, Public Policy, and Environmental Science. Now, here I am, about to graduate with a double major in Economics and Public Policy with a minor in Environmental Science. So, these are the main things that I have studied at Duke. With Economics, I just really like math and numbers, and I feel that what I have learned is applicable to life after graduation in a variety of fields. Yet, I felt that I was lacking in a holistic knowledge base, which is why I adopted the Public Policy portion. Through this, I get to learn a lot about the world and society we live in. In regards to Environmental Science, I have always found a passion and interest in this, and to be real, I didn’t major in it because I didn’t want to take Chemistry. 

I definitely enjoy all three greatly and have taken classes at the intersection of these, which have been my favorite classes. I am able to put together knowledge that I know about each individually to create solutions to bigger problems we face in the world today.