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WXDU & DUKE COFFEEHOUSE PRESENT: BRICKSIDE MUSIC FESTIVAL 2024 . . . . The annual Brickside Music Festival returns once again on Saturday, April 6th at Duke Coffeehouse! Presented by Duke Coffeehouse and WXDU, Brickside will feature exquisite performances by artists mentioned below. Doors open at 2:00 pm; with your Duke ID or a paid ticket, you can enjoy FREE food trucks, screen printing, and art-making activities in addition to musical performances ranging from jazzy spoken word to art rock, black metal and DIY punk.. . . . Allesandro Cortini. . Italian musician, producer, composer and instrument builder Alessandro Cortini is one of the foremost figures of contemporary electronic music. A longstanding member of Nine Inch Nails, Cortini has been releasing a steady stream of his own heady music on luminary labels including Mute and Important Records for the past decade. Balancing dark ambience with smokey, pulsing rhythms, his compositions are perfectly restrained, textured and mesmeric. -heavy-trip.com. . . . aja monet. . aja monet is a spoken word artist who incorporates fluid mix of jazz and poetry in her works. She cut her teeth within the walls of the legendary Nuyorican Poets Café, where she won the title of Grand Slam Champion in 2007 at age 19, making her the youngest Grand Slam Champion in the venue’s history. She grew up in Brooklyn, where the incessant harassment of the Black community by way of the police was an untenable growing pain. aja monet co-edited Chorus: A Literary Mixtape alongside poet-actor-director Saul Williams and released two chapbooks of poetry The Black Unicorn Sings and Inner-City Cyborgs and Ciphers. Throughout her journeys, her poems always have a way of pointing back to home – aware and paying homage to from whence she came. – ajamonet.com. . . . Lael Neale. . Lael Neale is an indie rock artist from Virginia. She still has a flip phone and there were no screens involved in the creation of her music. In April of 2020, in the wake of transformations both personal and global, Lael moved from Los Angeles back to her family’s farm in rural Virginia. Looking at the world from a distance and getting in tune with her own rhythms, she wrote and recorded steadily for two dreamlike years, driven by a need to make order out of chaos. She claims to be a minimalist “not because I don’t like things, but because I value freedom more.. . . . Contour. . Khari Lucas describes himself as multifaceted, including musician, score composer, film and radio programmer within his universe of practice. Contour — the musical alias he started in 2014 — is the vessel for his musical research, songwriting and production.. . ‘Onwards!’ arrived in October 2022, following on from ‘Weight (2020)’ and ‘Love Suite (2021)’. Both previous records were impressive calling cards for the now 27-year-old, diving deep into a rich and incredibly vivid imagination set to a blueprint influenced by soul, hip-hop and psychedelic rock but moving way beyond. This third body of work serves as an expansion of his songwriting ability, both lyrically and thematically, through and beyond autobiographical expression. – bandcamp.com. . . . Portrayal of Guilt. . Portrayal of Guilt eschew predictability. While the Austin, Texan outfit have released material at a rapid clip since their formation only six years ago, it has been near-impossible to predict what each ensuing release might sound like. The only window into what to expect has been those releases’ titles, wallowing in themes of affliction, isolation, and just plain underworld allusion. Naturally, this leads to…Devil Music. After shifting their sound over several immediate releases (most recent, 2021’s widely acclaimed CHRISTF*CKER), Portrayal of Guilt has transformed from masters of the traditional ‘90s screamo template, to fit a more blackened and sludgy metal intensity. -groundcontroltouring.com/artists/portrayal-of-guilt. . . . Godcaster. . Godcaster is a lambent pumping heart. Hysterically keen like birds. The sextet of Judson Kolk (vox, guitar), Bruce Ebersole (guitar, bass, vox, keys), David McFaul (vox, organ, guitar), Von Kolk (vox, guitar, keys), Jan Fontana (bass) and Sam Pickard (drums, percussion) explode in song with emotional heights and devastating passions, as if the most melancholic Beach Boys ballad was played at immeasurable volume. Founded by childhood friends Kolk and Ebersole, the band traversed a variety of monikers, sounds and members over the years until 2018 when the band re-founded with the arrival of Mcfaul, Kolk and Pickard. Fontana, who had worked closely with the band in the past, joined a couple years later, thus solidifying the band’s most refined and hard-hitting lineup to date. Godcaster has released one full length record and an EP, toured extensively, and is known for their epiphanous maximalist live shows. They will release their sophomore self-titled album in March of 2023. -anniversarygroup.com. . . . Chronophage. . “There’s a funny dissonance at the heart of Austin, Texas four-piece Chronophage. At first glance, their work appears slapdash and decidedly DIY. Their album packaging is often decorated with handwritten text in a wavy, occasionally jagged style. Until late, they were indebted to a four-track recorder which gave their records a certain warmth, immediacy, and punky disorder Out of the forever-young-and-snotty aesthetics of the punk underground emerges a subtle maturity, a vast and varied collection of influences, and a refusal to give it all away at once.” –Bandcamp “Chronophage’s Sophisticated Approach to DIY Punk”. . . . Ex Pilots . . “Ex Pilots is a Pittsburgh based indie rock/noise pop group established in 2015 by Ethan Oliva. The project began with the release of “Findlay”, a compilation of four track recordings spanning six years, and has since evolved from Oliva’s solo effort to a six piece live act. Post “Findlay”, their output has grown to include a full length LP (via Smoking Room), a split cassette with Gaadge, and several singles. The group’s influences are varied from Guided by Voices to My Bloody Valentine to Hüsker Dü and encompass every sonic nook and cranny in between.” –Spotify — Event Details: https://duke.campusgroups.com/rsvp?id=2256805