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Live music from experimental artists Greg Davis, Marv, and Joe Westerlund. . Doors at 8:30pm, music at 9pm.. . $5 or FREE with Duke ID.. . . . Greg Davis. . https://greyfade-label.bandcamp.com/album/new-primes. . Greg Davis is an internationally recognized electronic musician and composer who has been releasing music and playing shows since 2001. Davis’s latest LP New Primes employs custom-written software to translate prime number sequences into a mesmerizing universe of sound. Davis pares his sound materials down to their most basic — a network of pure sine tones — to create a collection of pieces ranging from the almost-tonal to the harmonically alien.. . . . Marv. . https://enmossed.bandcamp.com/album/keyboard-suite-i. . On ???????? ????? ???. ?, MARV imbues analog subtractive and FM synthesis with a distinct physicality. Dub studio techniques and rigorously hand-played performances create an ‘environmental’ keyboard masterpiece strongly connected to the lineage of 1970s-80s private press ambient and electronic recordings—but elegantly modern sound design and production methods center the album in the present day. A timeless quality pervades ???????? ????? ???. ?, allowing for easy repeats, marinating the subconscious ache of loss with a dreamily resolute hope.. . . . Joe Westerlund. . http://www.joewesterlund.com/. . Joe Westerlund is a percussionst, improviser, and composer based in Durham, NC. For a decade, he served as the dynamic backbone of Megafaun, the North Carolina trio of sophisticated songwriting and winning charisma that he cofounded. As Grandma Sparrow, Westerlund constructed fantastical song cycles about an imagined town, a place where swooping strings and sudden singalongs told the stories of characters you needed to be real. Under his own name, Westerlund—a longtime student of Milford Graves—has emerged as an intuitive improviser, committed to scoring deep yogic practice. He serves now as the pulse beneath the plaintive Americana of Mandolin Orange and Daughter of Swords and, previously, as the anchor for the folk abstraction of Califone. — Event Details: https://dukegroups.com/rsvp?id=2001160