So I got involved because I was harassed by an upperclassman at the activity fair and went to the first GBM and learned about the FIP, which I did. I was drawn to DUU because I did student council in high school, but at first I thought I wanted to do DSG because the student council at my high school was like the student government. I also went to high school with Liv McKinney, who was actually student body president. But I think I was more comfortable with DUU because a lot of BUILD upperclassmen were in DUU and I got accepted into the FIP, which I loved.
DUU has helped me grow as a leader, and I’m able to be creative and make a tangible difference but also learn a lot of professional skills. I’ve met so many awesome people, who have made me want to stay in the community. Overall, I’ve grown a lot as a person but also as a professional and adult.